Hello and thank you for visiting my website, BLUE GECKO TOURING COMPANY.

My name is Andrew Workman and I am a 57 year old well travelled British expat married to South African, Suelene for the past 30 years. We have 3 shy, spoiled- rotten cat “Fur-kids”. When the door bell rings though, Zorro, Luna and Shadow mysteriously disappear…so fret not non-cat lovers.

I am the sole owner and a registered Tour Guide. I have lived in Cape Town for 35 years.

I have travelled the world extensively and have an excellent feel for what most holiday makers want when it comes to seeing the sights, both on and off the beaten track. In fact, I prefer to avoid the tourist traps allowing more time dedicated to exclusivity and a relaxed experience.

Crowds, queues and large tour buses are avoided as much as possible. This does not mean that the popular sites are ignored. I can tailor-make a bespoke package encapsulating anything and everything you want to see and experience.

The Cape is dominated by open spaces, mostly crowd- free, making it an ideal destination during these times of the COVD-19 pandemic. 

Cape Town and its surrounds is the exquisite jewel of the African continent and I have a real passion for this “experience around every corner” country. There really is so much to see and do, making this region ideal for all expectations: Wine/whisky/brandy/grappa/artisanal beer appreciation; sightseeing; whale watching; wild fauna and flora; exciting adventures and wide open expanses of natural beauty to mention but a few! Imagine this without the queue?

I own a luxury 8 seater mini-bus with the sole intention of maintaining a small yet exclusive operation, offering the discerning traveller the very best experience possible. It is my responsibility to provide you with a truly, memorable holiday. Spreading the word of your positive experiences spent with BLUE GECKO TOURING COMPANY to family and friends would be my greatest honour and of course, to hosting you again in the near future. 

I also offer exclusive luxury accommodation for a maximum of 2 couples for those who tend to avoid impersonalised hotels, once again highlighting my business philosophy: Attentive, personalised service.

How about a small- group cellar tour and a personal tasting with the Winemaker? A picnic with an incredible view? A typical South African barbecue (braai) to mention but a few?

Time is your friend and rushing from one destination to the next, within reason, is not what I offer. It’s your day after all for “chill-axing”.

Safety, well organised, reliable, informative, stress free holiday memories are what I strive to offer you.

So, let’s talk about what YOU want from a first class tour and I will offer that bespoke experience with pleasure! If it’s not mentioned on my website, let’s talk. I will make it happen!

“Nothing ever becomes real ‘til it is experienced.” JOHN KEATS